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Unlock your potential and create your pathway to success.

About the Office of Career Success

Gallaudet University’s Office for Career Center works with hundreds of employers each year to optimize internship, job and career opportunities for their students and alumni. We also partner with faculty to integrate career readiness into the academic curriculum. ​

Our employer relations specialists and career educators do the following:

  • Liaison with faculty, employers & alumni 

  • Coordinate networking and professional learning events

  • Empower students in seeking resources and creating connections 

There are multiple ways that our office facilitates connections among faculty, staff, students, alumni and employers. If you are interested in talking with us about how we can partner together, please contact us.

Gallaudet Scholar Student Learning Outcomes: Bilingual, career ready, critical thinkers, digitally aware, ethical, global citizens, science literate, and wellness grounded

Career Fairs

Connecting students and alumni with employers, both in person & virtually.

Classroom Visits

Working with faculty to deliver highly interactive lectures or lessons.

DeafGain Training

We visit you to provide training on how to elevate the working experience for Gallaudet interns and future hire.

Professional Development

Relating to a topic that falls within the employer’s area of expertise:

  • Dialogues (presenting a problem or issue for open dialogue)

  • Panel (students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers)

  • Mock interviews (interactive, hands-on practice for student interviews)

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