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Gallaudet, U.S. Department of Agriculture sign memorandum of understanding

"Officials from Gallaudet University and the United States Department of Agriculture signed a four-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) on February 27. According to Dr. Julie Tibbitt, EdS ’18 & PhD ’20, “This MOU, formally titled ‘USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service Memorandum of Understanding with Gallaudet University,’ ensures that Gallaudet and USDA will continue to pool recruiting efforts in pursuit of our shared goals of increasing diversity talent. USDA will continue to interact with our undergraduate and graduate students through networking events, including our biannual Career Fair, and we will continue to inform them of appropriate programs where they can collaborate with faculty for increased outreach.”

The Office for Career Success made a site visit to their campus.

(left to right) AMS Civil Rights Director Clifton Gilchrist, AMS Disability Program Manager Linda Alston, Tammy Lowry, Gallaudet University staff (Anjali Desai-Margolin, Monica Garvin, Beth Dorsette) and AMS Civil Rights Deputy Director Ali Muhammad

AMS Administrator Bruce Summers and USDA Under Secretary Jenny Moffitt

AMS Administrator Bruce Summers and AMS Civil Rights Director Clifton Gilchrist

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